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Philippa Pearson-Glaze IBCLC, Qualified Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding help
at home

Breastfeeding is normal and natural but sometimes mothers need skilled help to overcome difficulties. These could include when your baby is not gaining weight, low milk supply, painful or sore nipples, baby refusing to breastfeed, mastitis and more.

Finding the right help at the right time is important to ensure breastfeeding goes smoothly.

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) has the highest credential awarded in lactation and the only one to be recognised worldwide. An IBCLC will be committed to providing the best possible research based care to get breastfeeding back on track. is a private practice IBCLC offering home visits in and around Dudley and Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Fees are payable.

What is a
lactation consultant?

Lactation Consultants have an expert understanding of breastfeeding. They have obtained an internationally recognised qualification (IBCLC) which informs mothers and other clinical professionals that they have the necessary expertise, knowledge and skills to support mother and baby together.

In addition to passing a rigorous international exam on breastfeeding the IBCLC will have at least 90 hours of advanced breastfeeding study, a minimum of 1000 hours of clinical experience, and is required to recertify every five years with the equivalent of 15 hours per year continuing education. Lactation Consultants are governed by a code of professional conduct.

Philippa can help you with:

  • Painful feeding
  • Sore, cracked or damaged nipples
  • Low milk supply/Too much milk
  • Poor weight gain
  • Expressing/pumping
  • Eliminating formula supplements
  • Tongue-tie (positioning help)
  • Induced lactation/adoptive breastfeeding
  • Restarting breastfeeding
  • Returning to work
  • Nighttime parenting
  • Thrush, engorgement or mastitis
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Unhappy baby, reflux or colic
  • Stopping breastfeeding and more

About Philippa

Philippa is passionate about breastfeeding and will fully support you in your breastfeeding goals. Philippa breastfed her own four children and became a La Leche League Leader (breastfeeding counsellor) in 2002.

After sitting the IBCLC exams in 2011 Philippa become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She will communicate with your health professionals and is in contact with many other IBCLCs in UK and internationally for further exchange of ideas in complex cases.

Philippa is the owner and editor of Breastfeeding.Support an evidence-based website sharing helpful breastfeeding tips and resources. Philippa is also the Managing Editor for Leader Today, the La Leche League International Journal for Leaders, and a Professional Liaison Leader for La Leche League Great Britain. A member of Lactation Consultants of Great Britain, Philippa has professional liability insurance and holds an enhanced CRB check.

Postnatal Home Visits

If you are experiencing significant or complex problems, a face-to-face meeting with a breastfeeding expert is invaluable. Philippa offers home visits so you can feel comfortable in your own space and avoid the inconvenience of travelling.

A first-time postnatal consultation lasts up to two hours. During that time Philippa will;

  • Take a comprehensive history
  • Observe a breastfeed
  • Help with positioning and attachment
  • Answer all your questions in detail
  • Create a written care plan that puts your individual needs and goals first
  • Provide you with evidence based information
  • Offer two weeks free follow up support by telephone or email*

*Breastfeeding problems can take time to resolve and may benefit from more than one in-person visit.
Please note Philippa does not divide tongue-ties. Local tongue-tie dividers can be found here.

Antenatal Breastfeeding Education (One to One)

Knowing what to expect with breastfeeding and when to get help can get feeding off to a very good start. An antenatal breastfeeding session will give mothers-to-be or couples together the chance to discuss their questions or concerns and to know what to expect. Topics can be tailored individually but include;

  • The uniqueness of breastmilk
  • How breastmilk is made
  • Breastfeeding basics - normal feeding patterns
  • Good positioning and attachment techniques
  • Preventing problems and red flags
  • Unravelling a previous breastfeeding problem
  • Your partner’s role

Small Group Sessions

If a group setting is better for you, Philippa can discuss breastfeeding in your home with a group of your friends.

Other Services

Philippa can deliver antenatal education, run postnatal breastfeeding support groups and offer sessions for health professionals to update their breastfeeding knowledge. Contact Philippa to discuss your individual requirements.

Online Help

Breastfeeding Support

For general breastfeeding information and answers to many frequently asked questions, visit Philippa's comprehensive sister site Breastfeeding Support.

Testimonials from mothers & happy babies

"When I contacted Philippa I was in constant pain during feeding and battling with a fast let down and a seven week old baby who wasn’t as happy or gaining weight as I felt he should. Being able to spend time with Philippa in the comfort of my own home was the best decision I could have made for me and my baby. She was able to observe feeding and offer advice in a very supportive and genuine way. The tailor made programme and additional reading have worked brilliantly. Not only is my little boy gaining more weight he is far more content and feeds are the relaxing bonding experiences I had envisioned when I was pregnant. I am now confident that our breastfeeding journey is far from over."

S .C. Wolverhampton

"I was so grateful to find some independent breastfeeding help whilst struggling with feeding my daughter. Philippa offered practical advice and alternative positions to help ease painful feeding and now five months on I’m still exclusively breastfeeding. I’m so pleased I stuck with it!"

E. W. Stourbridge

"My daughter will be 23 weeks old this week. I consulted Philippa when she was 10 weeks old. I am writing this whilst breastfeeding her. I can hear her swallowing with gusto. Every now and then, she stops, looks up at me and gives me a gummy grin which melts my heart each time she does it. I am proud to have come thus far.

During her earlier days, I struggled every day with the temptation to stop breastfeeding, due to the pain it was causing me; and the hunger, discomfort and frustration my baby was suffering, due to her inability to efficiently transfer milk. I had found Philippa’s website via a Google search early on, but only contacted her after a chance conversation with another of her clients.

Philippa worked tirelessly and compassionately with us, to give us a variety of helpful pointers. Since meeting Philippa, feeding is pain-free, and my daughter has shown an impressive weight gain. Everyone she meets comments on how happy she is. I really regret not contacting Philippa sooner, rather than doing so as a last resort. I would recommend any mum who is experiencing the slightest difficulty with breastfeeding, that consulting a qualified and experienced lactation consultant in the early days, will save you a lot of time and heartache, and I couldn’t recommend Philippa enough."

S. S. Dudley

I’m really glad that we decided to get some help for breastfeeding difficulties from Philippa. Within a matter of days my baby was accepting the breast again and within a few weeks he was taking half of his feeds at the breast. Philippa gave us so much encouragement and support which gave me the confidence to persevere at those difficult times and was always contactable every step of the way, which was invaluable. Thanks.

L. M. Birmingham

I saw Philippa for the first time in October when I was having a whole number of problems with my 6 week old son. Philippa did a thorough assessment and made recommendations giving me my own plan of action to improve things. My issues included tongue tie, slow/no weight gain, milk supply, thrush, tandem feeding, expressing, increasing supply, tube feeding, baby refusing to latch and Philippa was extremely knowledgeable about everything! She always had suggestions and ideas to try and my son has gone from almost totally bottle fed both expressed milk and formula to exclusively breastfed by 6 months. This was a turnaround I doubt very much I would have achieved without intervention from Philippa. I highly recommend seeing Philippa if you are in need of support, it is well worth the investment. Don’t delay! Get the support you need as early as possible. Wish I had known about Philippa when I first had problems as it wouldn’t have been so difficult to turn things around.

R. H. Sandwell

I had been breastfeeding for around four weeks when I contacted Philippa for support. I was struggling with getting my baby into the right position to latch on correctly. This was causing quite bad nipple damage and subsequently quite severe pain for me both when latching my daughter on and during feeding. My baby was also gaining weight at a lower rate than she should be.

Philippa came out to my home the very same day I contacted her and was such a huge support. It was great to be able to have one-to-one time with someone in the comfort and privacy of my own home. Philippa took the time to get to know about my pregnancy, labour and medical history before discussing breastfeeding which I thought was very good and she watched how I was latching my baby onto the breast before helping my daughter and I to correct our technique. Philippa showed me how to get myself into a comfortable position, how to align my baby and how to encourage her to open her mouth into a wider gape. She also helped me to solve a problem I'd been having with my breast pump for expressing too!

With Philippa's help, I'm now much more comfortable with latching my daughter on, feeding her is painless and she seems to be getting much more milk when she's feeding which will hopefully help with the weight gain. Philippa also sent me a really comprehensive written summary of the suggestions she gave which I'm able to refer back to anytime. I can't recommend Philippa enough; she's been a huge support and I only wish I'd contacted her sooner rather than suffering the pain and nipple damage for so long.

L. L. Stourbridge

I cannot thank Philippa enough for her help and support to us, and for the confidence she gave me to do what I believed was right for my child. I contacted Philippa when my baby was eight weeks old, he was only gaining weight very slowly and I was struggling with nipple and deep tissue thrush, low milk supply and probably at least some postnatal depression. Philippa’s sensitive, patient and pragmatic support and management empowered me to carry on trying to breastfeed, in the face of many challenges. It was a long hard road—with recurrences of thrush along the way causing pain and frustration—but we are still breastfeeding at one year old. It looks like we’ll be going for a while yet—we’ve worked hard for this and I’m not stopping until my son is good and ready! Particularly as my child is happy, healthy, smiley, adaptable, gregarious and confident, most of which I’m confident is because of the security he has gained from our breastfeeding relationship.

I don’t think this would have happened without Philippa. In fact, the way we were headed frightens me now to think about it. Philippa was absolutely central in our journey and I am deeply grateful to her.

G. H. Telford

Price List

The following prices are per hour or pro rata:

Antenatal Postnatal
£45 per
£85 initial
Includes travel within 10 miles of Stourbridge* Includes travel within 10 miles of Stourbridge*
Includes breastfeeding basics, positioning and preventing problems. Includes a discussion of your breastfeeding history, an assessment of your current situation, and a care plan. This session will take up to 2 hours.
Follow up visits are as required at £40 per hour.

For Group Sessions please contact Philippa.

Terms and Conditions

Payments to be received at the end of consultation by cheque, cash or online banking. Add 20% for Bank Holidays

* Contact Philippa for a personalised estimate of travel costs for locations beyond 10 miles from Stourbridge. Please supply your postcode.

Line drawings are courtesy of artist Cassie Pearson inspired by beautiful photographs from the 2011 IBFAN Calendar (Martien Van Asseldonk and Tad Reeves) and photographs by Lois Rowlands, Sacha Blackburne and others.

Areas covered

Areas covered include Dudley (including Kingswinford, Kidderminster), Stourbridge, Wolverhampton, Sandwell & Birmingham.

Travel within a 10 mile radius from Stourbridge is included in the price of the home visit. For locations further afield contact Philippa for travel costs. Please include your postcode.

01384 886 200
leave a message if not available
or use the contact form to the left

Philippa is located in Wordsley, Stourbridge, UK